Friday, August 05, 2005

Kids and violence

Newspaper columnist Ellen Goodman returned to an old favorite: the effect of violent movies, TV, video games, etc. on kids.  Millions have been and will be spent trying to prove that the next generation will go to hell. 
My gentle, 88 year old mother once told me that when she was a girl of 12, one of her jobs was to kill the chicken for Sunday dinner.  Once a week she would have to go out to the chicken yard, choose a bird, and wring its neck.  What effect did that violence have on her?  Chiefly it has caused her to appreciate packaged chickens at the supermarket.
If one of today's sensitive children had to do that we would be convinced that the next generation would have one more serial killer on its hands.  But so far as I know, my mother has never killed anyone.


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