Saturday, August 06, 2005

Raging Queens

The hacks at the NCAA have forbidden the display of team mascots at NCAA events which are "hostile and abusive." Meaning mascots which refer to American Indians.
Recently, Charlotte, North Carolina, obtained a new NBA franchise which they stupidly named the "Bobcats." Charlotte boosters call the city "the Queen City." Why didn't they name their basketball team "the Raging Queens"? Is it because Charlotteans are renowned for their sensitivity to gay men and wouldn't want to demean them by having a "hostile and abusive" team mascot. I doubt it. I've been to Charlotte, and I'm gay. It's because you don't name your damn team after someone you think is worthy of abuse and hostility.
Of course, as a native of Georgia (making me a Native Georgian), I'd be delighted to have the Atlanta Braves change their mascot to "Atlanta Crackers." I and all the other crackers would sit there, drink our beer, and think we'd been complimented.

Update: Thanks to Jeff Goldstein for the link and I wish I could write like he does.


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